From understated elegance, to modern edgy, we carry the best and boldest collection of eyewear in Brooklyn.


Our Brands

We've traveled the globe and have searched out our eclectic assortment of unique, often exclusive eyewear. For over twenty years we have been setting the trend in Park Slope. We have a frame for every face and lifestyle. Below are a few brands we carry.


Bevel Eyewear is committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist esthetic, using truly high-quality materials with Japanese production, and constantly seeking innovation so glasses look, fit, and perform better. We love this iconic brand and are thrilled to carry their latest offerings!


They cut no corners in creating eyewear that deserves to carry the Kirk name, a family that has been committed to producing the finest eyewear since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Jacque Marie Mage

Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specializes in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear. Handcrafted in Japan, our spectacles infuse historical motifs with a distinctly modern sensibility.


Frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.


Kuboraum eyewear is not an inanimate and inorganic object, but obtains the power of a mask. it changes the perception of self. Those who wear the kuboraum mask, come to life and accept the challenge to free their identities.

Blake Kuwahara

Artful but wearable. By using laborious production techniques and a lot of handwork, an inner silhouette is encased in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape.


Original, often iconoclastic, and always invigorating, eyeglasses designed by l.a.Eyeworks are immediately recognized for their bold shapes, imaginative handling of materials, and expressive use of color. Working from deep intuition, McReynolds and Gherardi begin each of their limited-edition designs with a hand-drawn sketch.


The creative use of modern materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind the MYKITA collections. Stainless steel alloys and premium plastics make up this screw-less collection, which are made in Germany.

Barton Perreira

You won't find their designs getting over-excited by insignia. Instead, these guys hand make their frames in Japan to rely on precision, fit and design. Understated elegance defined. Based in Los Angeles, they are one of the few independent American brands that refuse to compromise with big buisness, and you can see this in each of the frames they produce.

Thierry Lasry

With roots in design and in the retail optical world Thierry Lasry burst on the scene in 2006 with a small collection of sunglasses that revolutionized the business forever. A new comer on the block his eyewear is sold at only the most exclusive retail outlets. We are thrilled to offer you his latest collection and look forward to what this amazing designer has in store for us.

Anne et Valentin

While their creations are original, colorful and lively, they are, above all, objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements, and respect for those who wear them. Beautifully crafted in France using precious metals, and only the best plastics, they state (without saying a word) I'm here.


Based in Antwerp these breathtaking designs fuse bold colors and bold shapes into one of a kind masterpieces for the face.... Not for the light hearted, or those who wish to be lost in a crowd, these frames draw serious attention. Fashionistas and those "in the know" beware, the Belgians know more then just how to make a waffle!


Exuding simplicity and innovation, this modern minimalism collection invites the wearer into ørgreen’s scandinavian universe of elegant lines and products of the utmost quality.


Eyevan is the first fashion eyewear brand of Japan, being born with the concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item”. Based on the information source of antique eyewear from all over the world, the design team at that time added aesthetic sense and sensitivity. Such beautiful eyewear created only by the hands of skilled craftsman, and it made many huge fans all over the world.


We, at AOYAMA Optical, are a small factory and have been manufacturing plastic frames for three generations over the last 80 years in Fukui where 95% of "made in Japan" eyewear frames are manufactured. In 2000, a head designer, Mr. Yoshinori Aoyama and we started our own house brand with the brand concept "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR" to create more sophisticated and exquisite eyewear.

Our Services

Eye Exams

Eye exams are available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Our New York state licensed optometrist can fit you with contact lenses, dilate your eyes, and help with any medical needs you may have, all in our state of the art exam room. The exam takes around twenty five minutes, and we can even accommodate you without an appointment.


With two licensed opticians on staff we can make that pair of glasses that never quite fit right perfect again, most times on the spot. We use the latest techniques, with minimum turn around time, there is no need to worry anymore, if you accidentally fall asleep on your favorite pair.

Custom Frame Work

We now offer custom frame finishes, take your favorite plastic frames from mild to wild by changing the finish on them!!! Make them shiny, or matte them out, or do a combination of both!!! You finally have an option to add that custom finish that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Custom Lens Tinting

We also offer custom lens tinting, done by hand, using eco safe chemical baths we can create any effect you desire. Whether you choose just one classic solid color, or a funky two–toned gradient its all up to you. We are sure you will be colorfully satisfied!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys part of a chain?

No, never. Since the beginning, and for over 20 years, EyeShoppe on 7th has been family owned and operated. This has given us the freedom to showcase many small independent brands from all over the world and has allowed us to be a leader in the fashion forward eyewear scene!

Can I use my flex spending dollars, or use my flex card?

Absolutely, we will help you spend your flex-spending dollars. Whether your looking for an insane pair of prescription sunglasses, or a modest pair of readers, we would be happy to help, even with billing. Remember if you don't use it, you'll lose it.

What days can I get my eyes examined?

We do comprehensive eye exams Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. We are equipped to dilate your eyes, fit contact lenses (both hard and soft), and assist you with any ophthalmic need you may have.

How long does an eye exam take? Do I need an appointment?

Our comprehensive eye exams take around twenty five minutes, although if we feel need to dilate your eyes, it may be a little longer. We take appointments on Monday and Wednesday from 10:30am to 6:30pm, and from 10:30am to 4:30pm on Saturdays. But we will happily accommodate walk ins.

Your store looks so nice, are you guys expensive?

With over one thousand frames to choose from, we have a frame for every face, and every budget. Our lenses are competitively priced, and we are confident that we will be able to fit you with that "perfect pair!"


About Us

Shop Locally

Residents here in Park Slope already know that our neighborhood abounds with great shopping, great eats, and great dining. Our streets are teaming with boutiques, clothing shops, book stores, independent pharmacies, restaurants, and gift stores, as well as the services we cant do without like salons, spas, hardware, and dry-cleaning. All this retail variety right in your neighborhood gives new meaning to the phrase "one stop shop!"

Shopping here in the Park Slope also means helping our community from being taken over by the vicious chain stores which have already gobbled up many Brooklyn neighborhoods. So when you can, head to that little shop around the corner where you'll find a familiar face behind the counter, get personalized service, and keep your hard earned dollars right here in your famous neighborhood. By shopping right here you'll be helping the world be a little greener also! See you shopping! Richie Livan

Meet The Owner

Michael Stoff is recognized both in our community, and by his peers, as a visionary in the world of eyewear. It was over twenty years ago that he opened his shop, which was then, the only fashion forward eyewear boutique in Park Slope. His mission was as ours still is today: bring eyeglasses to the forefront of fashion, without customers having to pay NYC prices. EyeShoppe on 7th quickly established a strong reputation in the neighborhood, by putting forth, and offering the most fashion-forward eyewear, and providing personalized, knowledgeable service to each individual customer. Our store prides itself on the reputation set forth that day in 1991. Exclusive frames, the most up to date lens technology, and personalized fittings, all offered with one thing in mind, for you to see and be seen at your best.


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